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Handwriting Authentication

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Handwriting Authentication

Handwriting Authentication

Handwriting Authentication is one of the most essential works which has to be complete with lots of care. In Bangalore we are known as the best and ever detective for these cases. In Bangalore our clients are very satisfied with our work.

A handwriting examination is the bulk of the work performed by most forensic document examiners.  The extent, to which handwriting may be miss-used, is beyond imagination and astonishing.
Unauthorized persons may sign cheque of very large amounts, persons not authorized may issue indents on the document and trickster may misdirect delivery orders etc. They also testify about handwriting examinations as an expert witness in court, but qualified forensic document examiners are also experts in the examination of typewritten and computer-generated documents, counterfeit documents, alterations and obliterations on documents, and to detect and decipher indented handwriting impressions.
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